We will build your pool to conform
with Feng- Shui principles

Good Vibes
The layout of your swimming pool matters greatly, and Feng Shui recommends a free-form curved shape for best prosperity.

It's best to avoid sharp corners (that represent the tips of arrows) that may emit poison or bad energy. A kidney shape pool that has two ends curving towards your house as if embracing it, invites fabulous luck.

Although an octagonal pool breaks the "straight line" rule, it also promotes great fortune.

Ensure than any water feature or waterfall flows towards your house, ensuring that money will also flow towards you.

a Green or Greeny-Blue (Aqua) interior attracts wealth (the colour of money), but avoid plain black or white interiors!


Changing Vibes

A rectangular or square pool also attracts wealth, so long as no pool corners point like an arrow towards your house. If this cannot be avoided, place a shrub or potted plant at the tip to "break the bad luck".

A Kidney shape pool with ends facing away from your house lets money slip away. To reduce this, place a round garden light in the centre section of the two ends as a QI energy restorer.

Beware of emptying a swimming pool (or leaving it empty) as this signifies the emptying of your bank account and wallet!

Dirty or stagnant water also indicates a stagnant bank account and dirty dealings (that will leave you all the poorer!), bad legal deals - or just plain bad luck. This also applies to dripping or leaking taps or wasting water, as this signifies your money leaking away!

For more Luck

To double your money luck,
install a new swimming pool
at the rear left-hand side
of the garden
- when you're standing at your back door looking out into the garden.

This is a cosmically correct prosperity placement for adding wealth.



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