Some pool companies are asking for large deposits on signing their Sale & Purchase Contract

As much as $20,000 or more ...

CASCADE has been in business in New Zealand for more than Fifty Years.
We have been through all kinds of Financial "ups and downs" and have managed to keep
our Family Business surviving the difficult times as well as enjoying the better times.

We learned early in our History that taking large Deposits
potentially leads to future financial difficulty

Cascade avoids any potential financial difficulty by only asking for construction money ...
when we START THE JOB!
So your money will be available then to start building your pool!

Yes, there are some initial costs - after all, this is a fairly complex construction procedure
and of course, the Local Council will want their share in the operations.

There will be some time spent getting Council Approvals and meeting their requirements.
Compliance with the bylaws involved, preparing the Consent Application, Applying for Consent,
meeting the various by-laws (as they do they change from time to time)
meeting the costs and Inspection Fees including a Code Compliance Certificate
required for your future benefit .

Professional Site Plans will also be required which must show the compliant pool safety fencing.

In Cascade's Written Quotation Form, we include an indication of all of these potential costs
so that you have a firm understanding of the potential total cost of your swimming pool project
- and the chance of any "hidden costs" will be minimised.

CASCADE uses all efforts to make the entire Pool Project as stress-free as possible for you!