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Stay Cool in your Cascade Pool


Looking at the Cost of a home Swimming Pool? 
You can't beat a Free Solar Heat inground 95% chemical-free CASCADE pool!

No need to look any further! Keep with us - like more than 8,400 other Kiwi Families have! 
Cascade Swimming Pools New Zealand have been building pools since 1971. 
No one has more experience than us! 

Choose Cascade for the most environmentally aware, lowest maintenance home swimming pool and see how easy it is to care for a pool. 

The incredible Aquagenie skimmer system combined with OZONE water sterilisation with OZONE ASSIST algaecide and 90mm INFILLFOAM refrigeration grade insulation in the pool walls ensures that New Zealand's predominant Free Heat Source (i.e. the Sun) gives you a FREE SOLAR POWER boost to your pool heating. 

Old fashioned pool care, using proprietary chemicals, including chlorine, hydrochloric acid, tons of Salt producing sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) and algae killing chemicals like HTH to shock dose, are not needed with your CASCADE swimming pool! Our Ozonated pool water is "good enough to drink" with no bad tastes or smells!

OZONE and OZONE ASSIST algaecide and simple to use, on-line tips from the Cascade pros on pool service, minimise or even eliminate the need for Sanitizer use, Shock Treatments, Stabilizer, Super Chlorination, and every other aspect that other pools will need to produce a happy and clean swimming pool that is the norm with an Ozone Cascade Swimming Pool.

Call 0800 227 223 (0800 CASCADE) for your FREE copy of this valuable reference guide "The New Zealand Pool Buyer's Guide" and our color Photo Album teaser.